Progenicare is now a part of Isto Biologics



  • What is it?

    Every hospital is unique and therefore has unique challenges. ATS uses its deep expertise and experience in the blood management and regenerative therapies space, finance and operations to help find solutions that fit the institutional needs of each hospital or surgical center. We then help you implement the solutions within your team - or with our experienced team of certified and trained technicians.

    ATS has successfully consulted with hospitals in the following areas:
    -Blood Management Compliance
    -Blood Management Solutions and Services
    -Regenerative Therapies

  • Who is it for?

    We consult and/or provide services to more than 50 hospitals and surgical centers in the Northwest - both large and small, both advanced and novice. Our consulting services are best suited for hospitals and surgeons who seek an evidence-based and systematic approach to blood management and regenerative therapies.

  • How does it work?

    ATS uses as systematic approach that provides consistent results for our clients. Within our systematic approach we use your hospital's data to identify opportunties for improvement and then work with your staff to develop an approach that fits your needs. We follow the general process listed below:
    1) We gather data from your hospital.
    2) We analyze your data in our proprietary software and identify opportunities for improvement.
    3) We collaborate with the hospital to develop solutions.
    4) We implement or consult on the implementation.
    5) We train and in-service hospital employees.
    6) We manage the data.
    7) We follow-up regularly to assess success of implemented solutions.
    8) We report results to hospital management.