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What We Do for Patients

Our own bodies contain some of the most powerful healing agents in the world. These naturally occurring elements, known as growth factors, are used by our bodies to fight against disease or repair damaged tissue and bone. When we are born, we have a high ratio of regenerative cells contained within our blood and marrow. Over the course of our lives, however, these ratios reduce by more than 1/200th of their original levels, slowing our body's own healing abilities.¹‚ ²

Our services are designed to concentrate these powerful agents and apply them to damaged areas, helping to heal your body faster. These techniques have several applications, but are designed to not only reduce patient down time and pain, but they also help reduce the risk of infection and can improve the appearance of surgical procedures.³­­­−⁸ To learn more about each of our services, see our services                                                                                                page.

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